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Hello to everyone supporting us in the cause of raising money for Fight Colorectal Cancer, nationally headquartered near Washington DC. This is an organization near and dear to our hearts and was chosen by my husband Eric and myself after we interviewed the staff and quickly learned of their expertise on colorectal cancer, genuine compassion and uncompromising commitment to assist anyone involved in this fight with as many tools as possible to fight a great battle.

Here is a just a few of the things that "Fight Colorectal Cancer" does

We support Research focused on colorectal cancer. We have raised over $250,000 through our Lisa Fund supporting young and talented scientists searching for a cure. We train colorectal cancer champions to participate in the research process, in a training program we affectionately call, “RATS”.

• We support Advocacy. We track policy that will impact colorectal cancer patients locally and nationally. Each year, we train passionate people to engage in the political process meeting with their lawmakers to support legislation to help fight the disease.

• We strive for quality Patient Education and Awareness so that no one effected by colorectal cancer is alone, educating, assisting, and informing those touched by colorectal cancer through our answer line, our monthly webinars, the newsletter, and our website.

Now more than ever, with decreased Federal funding for research programs, your support matters. It is a very important part of our mission to support the research community as they find new ways to prevent and treat colorectal cancer. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.


In November 2005 at the age of 42, I went to the hospital after experiencing constipation for a couple weeks - the pain it finally caused was excruciating! The doctor assured me I was only constipated and sent me home with directions to double the amount of enemas I had been taking. When that proved futile and the excruciating pain persisted, I returned to the emergency room doubled over in pain. After an X-Ray (of all things), I was reassured by yet another Doctor, that I was only constipated even though I complained of excruciating pain and had not had a bowel movement in two weeks. My husband and I were not aware that my situation should have prompted a CT scan or a colonoscopy. After continual pain and no relief, I called my Dr.'s office and explained my situation. They told me there were no openings in his schedule and in desperation, and with tears in my eyes from the relentless pain, I drove to his office. The receptionist agreed to call a GI Dr. when I begged for someone to look through my body. A subsequent colonoscopy revealed a cancerous tumor, which was blocking my colon.

I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. After my diagnosis and over the course of the past six years, I have had recurrences in my ovaries, cervix and pelvis, multiple surgeries and numerous rounds of chemotherapy. Although I have had periods of being well, I continue to fight colon cancer.

I am blessed to still be here six years after my initial diagnosis due to the wonderful support from doctors and treatments that have carried me this far; not to mention my loving friends and family that propel me through each day. As long as God allows, I want to be a voice for those affected by this devastating disease.


If you would like to purchase one of the shirts in the picture. Please make a $20.00 donation per shirt. You can Email me the shipping address and the size of the shirt and I will send you one. Please give me a few weeks for delivery.

Thank You!
Eric and Rose Hausmann