Crazy as can be for thinking this is a good idea...

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Four days after her wedding and nearly one year after the birth of her son, my incredible, brave, and amazing friend Colleen was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 28.

To those who know something about colon cancer, you probably know that this is a disease that hits folks who are normally a bit older, a bit more into fulfilling the things they really wanted, like a marriage, a family, maybe even grandchildren. For those who know Colleen, her life is just beginning and the thought of having to deal with such a challenging illness is a struggle, though she's pretty feisty and I'm pretty sure that between the love of her family and friends and the great doctors here in California, we can kick this thing's ass... hmm... pun intended.

I'm embarking on an absolutely insane journey this year of completing 2,012 self-propelled miles in 2012. This means hiking, biking, running, walking, rollerblading and the like. Pretty sure I'm completely insane, but it's for a good cause. All proceeds (100%) will go to to help research colon cancer causes and treatments as well as education.

If you feel you can't donate but want to help, know that I will be more than happy to let you take over one of my days of self-propelled miles - that's 5.5 miles per day on my own, but fewer if you're willing to join me in this mission!

If you choose to donate miles, please TRACK YOUR MILES using an app (Nike+, iMapMyRun, RunKeeper, SportsTracker, etc.) that will post your miles to Facebook, and tag me in the update. Thanks!!

Visit to find our more about this project, the number of miles we've put forward, and how donating to is working hard to fund research and education surrounding colorectal cancer.