Arlene Murphy Benefit

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As my birthday approaches in March, which just happens to be National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, I am asking everyone to make a donation in Arlene's memory to Fight Colorectal Cancer.
As a suggestion, I will be 71, therefore you could donate $.71, $7.10, $71.00, etc., you get the idea. Any amount would be greatly appreciate.
Thank You!

As many of you know, Arlene was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in September 2004. After surgery and the start of chemo, she had a metastasis, thus her cancer went to stage IV. More surgery and more chemo was followed by 18 months of NED (no evidence of disease). In January 2007 she had a recurrence with mets to her liver and lungs. More chemo and more mets followed. Mets to her spleen and abdomen. Arlene participated in one clinical trial and was scheduled for another before becoming too weak to participate.
Arlene passed away January 29, 2011 after a 6 year, 4 month fight with colon cancer.
Research is where our future lies in developing new drugs to fight colorectal cancer!