I am one in "One Million Strong" Colorectal Cancer Survivors!!

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March is a very special month for me and the reminder of how fortunate I am each day I wake.

Seven years ago, at the age of 48, during a simple appointment for indigestion with a Gastroenterologist, he states all new patients get a rectal. What? I have no symptoms? A rectal is not required before the age of 50? Why should I have a rectal? No answer was good enough for me, but reluctantly gave in. With results of a simple rectal, a colonoscopy days later, the word is out… Colon Cancer!!
Seven years ago, I had to think about things that are not thought of during a normal every day routine. How do you tell your mother, brother, children, work and friends you have cancer? How do you go each day leading to surgery not knowing what is beyond? I had an amazing support group who provided me their time doing research, connecting me with people who specialized in the field, finding the best surgeon and today I thank each of them along with the Gastroenterologist who insisted I have a rectal on that very day.
I look back, seven years ago at the simple things that meant so much to me during that time and through today… there are so many to thank… just know that I think of each of you every day. It is you who make me believe there are angels, it is you who provided me with positive thoughts and prayers throughout, it is you who have inspired me to go on, live life and today have a strong desire to raise money for Fight Colorectal Cancer during March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Fight Colorectal Cancer is the leading national colorectal cancer advocacy organization empowering survivors to raise their voices, training advocates around the country, and educating lawmakers and pushing them for better policies.
Fight Colorectal Cancer offers support for patients, family members and their caregivers, and they serve as a resource for colorectal cancer advocates, policymakers, medical professionals, and healthcare providers. Additionally, Fight Colorectal Cancer does everything they can to increase and improve research—at all stages of development and for all stages of cancer.

On March 1st 2013 I was with Fight Colorectal Cancer in Times Square, New York City for ONE MILLON STRONG!!!
Inspired by more than one million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States, Fight Colorectal Cancer has launched a national awareness campaign called One Million Strong to raise awareness and take action! We want to unify survivors and those touched by this preventable cancer. We believe that together, as a community, we can amplify our collective voice and motivate others to stand up and support the fight for a cure.

So... please donate to this worth cause, even the smallest amount helps and will go a long way to assist Fight Colorectal Cancer bring awareness of this preventable cancer.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
love you all,
Barbara ((hug))