Running 4 Sue, Fighting Against Colorectal Cancer

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Dear Friends,

In early August, Sue Ann Drost passed away after a long battle with cancer. Sue’s spouse is Dirk Drost, an IR-4 Industry Contact. Sue’s obituary can be found at

As many of you know, I am attempting to run a 26 mile marathon in each of the 50 States. I am dedicating the next marathon, October 13 in Chicago, Illinois, to Sue and Dirk’s marathon battle with colorectal cancer. Through this dedication, I am raising funds for Sue’s designated charity, the LISA FUND/Fight Colorectal Cancer. My goal is to raise $5000. Please help me to reach the goal and help realize Sue’s dream of a cure for this deadly cancer.

Please contact me ( if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you for your consideration

Jerry Baron