Holiday Happiness

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When my 8 year old daughter, Trinity, tried to come up with a Christmas list, she realized that she had nearly everything she really wanted. Instead of asking for things that she would likely never use, she asked me to help find a way to help local kids using the money that would normally be used on her own gifts. We looked at many different options, but she decided that her Christmas wish for this year is to bring joy and happiness to children who are battling pediatric cancer. She immediately had me send out a letter to family members explaining her plan. We coordinating with the Austin Hatcher Foundation, and discovered that they host a holiday party for these kids and their families at the IMAX Theater. The kids and their families will be served dinner, watch the Polar Express in amazing IMAX 3D, and participate in an art therapy program. Trinity has decided that her goal is to raise as much money as possible to help fund the event, but her minimum goal is to fund the art therapy program, which will run somewhere around $300 for all of the kids in attendance. Trinity wants nothing more than to bring a smile to the faces of these special children. We would love your help to make her Christmas wish - and theirs - come true.

*****UPDATE***** November 22, 2013 Trinity and I were blessed with the opportunity to volunteer at the Austin Hatcher Foundation's annual holiday party. We met some AMAZING people, and helped the kids with the art therapy project. Everyone had a blast, and there were smiles and laughter everywhere. We are so thankful to have been able to participate in making that possible! Thank you all for your support and/or donation(s)!

*****UPDATE***** November 23, 2013 Trinity has now hit her initial goal of $300, but there is no stopping this kid! She is so excited, and has asked me to make a new goal of $500. Trinity is so optimistic that she said that once we hit the new goal, we will raise it again. Haha! Obviously, we would love to be able to raise as much as we can for these kids and their families. YOU can help us with our mission! Whatever you are able to donate will help tremendously! Thank you to those of you who have already donated!