Touching the Earth Sit-A-Thon

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Together, we've raised $450.00 toward our goal of $1,000.00



Thank you for your interest in the Sit-A-Thon!

With all of us coming together on April 21st we are sure to make SFZC's first mediation fundraiser a huge success!  There are many ways to participate:


  • Sit on April 21st at SFZC's City Center, 300 Page St., San Francisco or sit remotely and connect with the Sit-A-Thon via live stream
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Support the Sit

  • Even if you can not sit on April 21st, you can create a profile and reach out to your friends and family to support an organization that is important to you.
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Others ways to participate

  • Support a friend who is sitting 
  • Donate to the Event
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Get started now!